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I can’t stop laughing at this.

Mother of god.

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I think Jorge’s making an actual point, but all I can think right now is “lol tenure.”

I think Jorge’s making an actual point, but all I can think right now is “lol tenure.”

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I almost didn’t see the actual toilet and was about to say, “No, you didn’t give him a toilet, you gave him a bucket.”

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DS9 Rewatch: Broken Link

I forgot to mention in my last DS9 post that Garak completely steals “Broken Link.” The single best moment in an episode full of great Garak moments is after the female Changeling tells him that not only were there no Romulan or Cardassian survivors from the Tal Shiar/Obsidian Order attack, but that he and the rest of the Cardassian Empire are dead — after the initial shock, he struggles to recompose himself and assume the impeccably well-mannered tailor we all know and love.

And of course his babysitting of Odo, regaling the Constable of his days as a gardener on Romulus — pure gold.

I’m pretty far from a trve kvlt metal fan (I pretty much hate black, death, doom, drone metal — the hipster/math strains of Isis, Boris, and Neurosis are more my speed) (looks the band name needs to end in “is” for me to like them), but Chthonic’s symphonic elements and the Taiwanese folk melodies (and the wire-fu!) are pretty rad.

DS9 Rewatch: Finished Season 4

One of my last DS9 posts mentioned some of the problems I had with characterizing a figure like Dukat as pure evil, since pushed into the right (or wrong) circumstances, we’re all capable of the basest cruelty. Of course, not long after I wrote that came “Hard Time,” which starts off as another O’Brien Must Suffer episode but becomes something much more profoundly valuable. To wit: in mere hours, O’Brien experiences a virtual prison sentence of 20 years. As the episode quickly establishes, even though the events never happen to him, they’re irrevocably written into his memory, and so for all intents and purposes, they’re real memories, and everyone treats them with the gravity and seriousness that that entails — an admirable move by the writers. When we get to the revelation that the Chief killed his cell mate Ee’char, what Bashir tells him — that while it was an awful thing that the Chief committed, O’Brien’s debilitating guilt is a sign that his moral center wasn’t totally destroyed. That in itself isn’t much consolation for O’Brien’s PTSD (the episode quickly resolves that with psychiatric therapy/drugs), but it does flesh out the ungainly historical morality that tends to get ignored or bowdlerized in fictional settings.

On a completely different subject, some season 4 odds and ends:

  • Michael Dorn demonstrates what a great comic actor he can be in “The Quickening” (demonstrating his displeasure at Quark’s branding tactics on his mug of prune juice) and some other episode that I’ve now forgotten (forlornly staring into the abyssal void during some excruciating social engagement — ah, it might be that scene from “The Muse” where Lwaxana is doing her Capt. Bringdown schtick), which makes all his dramatic sleepwalking elsewhere that much sadder.
  • I’ve never been a fan of Terry Farrell’s acting, which has been an unfortunate obstacle to appreciating Jadzia as a character: if there’s ever a male character that needs to be taken down a notch or two, she cuts them down at the knees like they were sticks of butter.
  • Armin Shimerman is amazing. The other Ferengi regulars are hit or miss — on the one hand, Nog and Rom are forgettable, while Brunt (FCA!) and Grand Nagus Zek are great for scenery chewing — but Shimeran is the only one who’s at once naturalistic and comically broad to be a farce (sic) to be reckoned with. Granted, he’s part of the main cast (which means his character can be explored in ways that Rom’s can’t), but Shimerman makes it look so effortless.
  • Nana Visitor has the prettiest eyes.
  • Weyoooooooun! Finally!

I Am Stupid

In part whatever of my attempt at teaching myself Android programming, I fire up Eclipse (which always takes forever anyway), and then open the source file for this tutorial that I started months ago. I couldn’t get it to Run As an Android Application, and after some Googling, I tried to upgrade my Android SDK.

However, it seems that my version of the SDK might be too old to upgrade — a litany of errors about not being able to rename sub-directories because they’re already in use (possibly because of anti-virus software), or not being able to download a package because I don’t have the dependencies, etc.

So I decide to delete my SDK plugins and reinstall. I go to this page and click on download the Eclipse ADT bundle now link — which is over 300 MB and of course includes the actual Eclipse IDE. And of course, I already have Eclipse installed, but oh well, let’s go with a clean re-install.

I unzip the package (which takes forever), and when I try to fire it up I first get a “DURRRR CAN’T FIND JAVAW.EXE” error (easy enough to fix), but then it complains about not being able to load jvm.dll.

Further Googling leads me to realize that, on my 64-bit laptop, on which I’ve been trying to install a 64-bit version of Eclipse, I’ve got a 32-bit version of Java installed. So, six hours after I started all this: Cue facepalm.

49ers, the Yorks, and Hypocrisy

Ted Robinson, announcer for the 49ers, was suspended after he blamed the victim regarding the Ray Rice situation. (When I followed sports more closely, he was one of my favorite broadcasters, but what he said was inexcusable.) It’s interesting and perhaps telling, though, that the 49ers continue to play Ray McDonald, who didn’t offer his opinion about domestic abuse but is instead under investigation for hitting his pregnant fiancee.

To summarize: someone who said something about domestic violence was suspended, but someone who probably perpetrated domestic violence is still on the job. Ted Robinson wasn’t going to help the Niners win games, of course.


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Is this some House of the Undying hallucination with all these Daenerys Targaryens dancing around?

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